My name is Nyah and I’m twelve years old. The point of Kitties and Kindness is not just to showcase my artwork, but a way to involve and inspire everyone too. We all have gifts; it might be cooking, drawing, or simply being encouraging! I’m creative: I love drawing, writing, doing creative projects, and just using my imagination. I write all fantasy novels so far.

I’m kind: I encourage, (that is another part of Kitties and Kindness!) and love my family and friends. I used to be a really shy person, but I’ve learned to break out of my shell. I have a good life, full of the meows of our cat, Siggy, Jesus, and my mom and dad.

Also, I am finally a big sister! We just finished adopting my baby sister Azaria! She is from Ethiopia. After four years and two trips, she is finally home! We had to be patient and trust God for the right timing. She is a cutie pie who loves eating and trying on shoes. She can even wipe her own nose! Azari- as we call her- can be quite a handful, but she is also really sweet. She makes us laugh a lot!