Paper Dolls!!!

A few days ago I made some paper dolls- I’ve made several paper doll collections before but I think these are the best ones so far!dsc04063-all-e1

Here is a picture of my paper doll Staci and all her clothes together. Paper dolls are not too hard to make; they take patience, and time, but if you have enough of both, then from there all you need is scissors, paper, colored pencils, and a pen! You have to make their clothes with tabs, so that they will stay on. It might be time-consuming but it is definitely worth it. Especially because the clothes will fall off if they don’t have tabs!



Here is Staci with her summery wardrobe on. She is wearing a nice yellow T-shirt and jean shorts, and is happy because it is summer! (And her clothes are great!)



Here Staci has her checkered school-ish uniform on! Her favorite subject is zoology, and she loves the cafeteria hot chocolate. See the little uniform tie on her checkered shirt! It’s so cute!

The skirt was hard to put on- It was a bit too short, so either her tummy showed or her pajama shorts showed! Finally I got it to fit.



Staci has some fancier outfits too. Here she has on a pink party dress with a sash, with a tiny jewel necklace.

There is a birthday party today! She loves parties, and occasionally holds them in her house for fun. Staci only holds a couple or so a year.


When it gets chilly outside, Staci takes out her fall clothes. She’s wearing a yellow cotton dress over a striped turtleneck sweater. It might seem a strange combo, but it really is quite cute. Now all she needs are some nice boots!

She loves raking the golden, orange, and red fall leaves into a big pile, and then taking a big JUMP right into the middle!



This dress is inspired by a fashion television show. Notice the fringe on the top of the orangey dress! She wears it to fancy occasions such as a dressy meeting or a really fancy party.



At night, after a shower and hot chocolate, she brushes her teeth, and then it’s time to put her nightgown on! It’s a pretty lavender color with a bit of lace at the bottom.

After she gets tucked in, she closes her eyes and drifts off into dreamland in her cozy nightgown.



Staci wears shorts and an undershirt under her soft and pretty nightgown- if a paper gown could be called soft!

Pajama party, anyone?



Here Staci is with several of her clothes. Cool clothes+ cute smile= awesomeness.

Paper dolls are awesome, and fun! I encourage you to make some, if you want to. It’s worth the time. Bye for now:) Keep your eyes open for a paper doll-making blog post!



Harmony JMS

The peaceful setting of the flowers, the trees, the animals and the sun and clouds made me think of the name “Harmony”.  I like the black sharpness of the pen contrasting against the white paper background. (By the way, if you like this pen it is a Pigma Micron 01 pen.) The kitty is taking her dog on a walk in some flowery field where exotic birds amble about, including a never-before-seen type of peacock, a Warbling Pheasant, and a Jumblerim’s Bird Of Exotic Love. (Peacock on the far right, pheasant on the left, and Bird Of Exotic Love flying above the tree.)

Friends In The Snow

Friends in the Snow FINAL JMS

These kitties, of course, are friends in the snow. It is winter. The one on the far right, Sunni Rempch, loves spring and the only wintery clothing item her mother could convince her to wear are some fuzzy earmuffs. Georgie Kipling, the kitty on the far left, has thrown a snowball at Annika Dolloky (the kitty with the snowball on her eye) and both are laughing! The pen I used for this drawing is a 0.7 Bic Bu3 black Retractable Gel-Ink pen.

Mystery Island


Mystery Island MASTER

This map was made by Ocha Mignuti, a mapmaker. She drew it in her map-shop in December 17, 1482 and gave it to Julia Jinger, because they were BAEs (Best Acquaintances Ever). (Also because Ocha wanted Julia to find the treasure!)


Gnomes who like berry soup and acorn hash live in the enchanted Forest of Mystery, and a rare Fluffnougat Unicorn lives in a fluffy hat! You are welcome to visit the kind and gentle bear-like Invisible Bargoe, but beware! The Lokomho lives in a yellow-and-blue house, but take care not to venture near his dwelling, for who knows what bad trouble you’ll be in! (At least, that’s what he says. I think he just wants to be left alone, personally.) I would recommend the Field of Wishes if you have a chance to go there, because if you say “I would like a wish, please!” it will let you wish once for anything good your heart desires. Do not, by any means, whatever the circumstances, go to the Swamp of Peril!!!!!!!!! A dragon, not friendly at all, lives in its waters. You will sink if you try to swim in it, and it is like a horrible, muddy marsh, but four-thousand and seventy-two times worse! But, on a lighter side, the Huge Eating and Wading Giant is friendly and will gladly share his cloud-puff cookies. Read the clue on the bottom of the map and try to figure out where the treasure is! All in all, Mystery Island is a trip that should be on your bucket list, and if you don’t mind being in a bit of peril, and some mystery, it is a wonderful mind-boggling adventurous place that you should definitely visit!


Fashion Outfits For Cats

25 Fashion Outfits JMS

Some of my favorite outfits are the “Romantic Decorative”, the “Old-Fashioned Adorable” and the “Teensy Weensy Style”. I drew something wrong in the original picture: I decided to draw a cat with my eyes closed! It was not a very good idea. It looked bad, so we used the computer to erase it out of the picture! I used the Prismacolor Premier Fine Line 05 pen (maybe slightly thinner) for this drawing.