Everything Upside Down

Everything’s upside down!
Everything’s backwards!
(That’s crazy!) Oh no!
Mr. Matt’s walking on his head
(he won’t get very far, I know).
The snow is falling up!
The sky is coming down!
The roses are blue!
The violets are red!
I can’t tell if I am wrong in the head!
So, I’ll go to bed.
There’s a deb instead!

A Bird

Once there was a silly bird,
who hopped upon her toes.
(Maybe she didn’t know that Jubirds hop upon their nose!)

What To Do

Oh, what can we do?
What do you think?
We could draw,
We could bake,
We could ice and eat a cake,
We could write,
We could bike,
We could even watch a show.
How fun would that be!


Oh, well.
Hmmm… what to do…
We could skate,
We could sew,
We could run,
We could think,
What? You want to think?
(I was kidding!)
I suppose we could for a little while.