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  1. Awwwww, NYAH!!! This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! You are such a little bubble of joy & encouragement! I adore you and all of your God given creativity and attention to tiny little details! What a blessing you are to the world! I can’t WAIT to see all that God has for you sweet girl! All for God’s glory little darling!!

    Love you!!
    Kara 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi! Nyah I love your blog. I have two cats also tizzy and dunkin.
    dunkin is a mixture of colors and tizzy is the youngest and he is just gray.
    I love your blog and encourage u to keep it up! I also love art,acting and all things creative
    my name is Sydney and I am 9 years old. i live in Minnesota. my parents know yours from Nashville

    Sincerely ,
    Sydney Foss

  3. Your blog is awesomely creative with sweetness throughout and your love for the Lord shines through. I love your poems but your drawings of kitties had me at hello! I love you sweet girl, keep on keepin on!

  4. Hi Nyah!!! We need to have a another play date so that you can help me with my blogs!!! Miss you BBF (best bestie forever)Praying for U always!

  5. God has given you such a great gift of creativity and encouraging others! you have definitely sparked my creativity and making me want to learn more about you and the lord! so great job reaching your goal in completing your website. try your best to go viral! ( but not to much )

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