Mystery Island


Mystery Island MASTER

This map was made by Ocha Mignuti, a mapmaker. She drew it in her map-shop in December 17, 1482 and gave it to Julia Jinger, because they were BAEs (Best Acquaintances Ever). (Also because Ocha wanted Julia to find the treasure!)


Gnomes who like berry soup and acorn hash live in the enchanted Forest of Mystery, and a rare Fluffnougat Unicorn lives in a fluffy hat! You are welcome to visit the kind and gentle bear-like Invisible Bargoe, but beware! The Lokomho lives in a yellow-and-blue house, but take care not to venture near his dwelling, for who knows what bad trouble you’ll be in! (At least, that’s what he says. I think he just wants to be left alone, personally.) I would recommend the Field of Wishes if you have a chance to go there, because if you say “I would like a wish, please!” it will let you wish once for anything good your heart desires. Do not, by any means, whatever the circumstances, go to the Swamp of Peril!!!!!!!!! A dragon, not friendly at all, lives in its waters. You will sink if you try to swim in it, and it is like a horrible, muddy marsh, but four-thousand and seventy-two times worse! But, on a lighter side, the Huge Eating and Wading Giant is friendly and will gladly share his cloud-puff cookies. Read the clue on the bottom of the map and try to figure out where the treasure is! All in all, Mystery Island is a trip that should be on your bucket list, and if you don’t mind being in a bit of peril, and some mystery, it is a wonderful mind-boggling adventurous place that you should definitely visit!


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