Siggy and Nuvi

I am going to tell you about our two cats, Siggy Antonio Oroso Cinnamon Cream Puff Mischief and Tinuviel Shadowfax (their shortened names are Siggy and Nuvi)! Those really are their whole names. I’m not kidding! Siggy, our youngest cat, who is about 6, is a mischievous fuzzball who is both sweet and spicy! He is a creamy cinnamon color. He loves bathing in the warm sun and knocking over glasses of water. Siggy likes to knead blankets, too, like he’s being a baker and kneading bread. He is very funny. He plays fetch with earplugs sometimes! Since writing this, Nuvi has passed on. But let me tell you how she was when she was alive. Nuvi liked sleeping. And eating. And more sleeping. The only times she was active is when she was walking over to her food bowl, or ambling up the stairs to sleep in Mama and Daddy’s bed, and every so often fighting with Siggy. I had sometimes played with her with a piece of string, but she didn’t get any less plump. She was a heather grey color, and acted like a grumpy bump on a log, although was inwardly sweet.




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